The construction of Seenu Atoll School was aided by the Government of Japan. The foundation stone was laid by Former Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, honorable Abdul Sahthaar Moosa Didi on 21st February 1982. The school was officially declared open by former Minister of Education honorable Mohamed Zahir Hussain on 15thApril 1983. The school began as a primary school, however in 1998, secondary grades were introduced and in 2013 A’level classes began. This school represents a mile stone in the history of educational development in Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo. Since the very beginning, the school is producing best results in academic field. Most of the former students hold many responsible jobs in various fields throughout the country, while some of the other students have become significant figures in our society.

Co-curricular activities

The school’s aim and focus is preparing students’ for life, hence the school designs activities to enhance skills required for the 21st century. At Seenu Atoll School, students enjoy the club activities conducted to promote skills and talents of the students. There are different clubs in our school, including Science, Health and Environment Club, Agriculture Club, English Association, Dhivehi association, Travel and Tourism club, Art and Photography club and Islam Association. These clubs organize events outside the school in collaboration with NGOs and other institutions for the development of our community and us.

Agriculture activities conducted at our school is a unique program. Unlike any other schools in Maldives, we are proud to highlight that in our school we have been continuing agriculture course for the past 7 years. We are the only school in Maldives to teach agriculture as a subject.

Life Skill programs are conducted on a regular basis in order to prepare students for life. We also have BTEC programs at O’Level as well as Advanced level. Additionally, Dhasvaaru programs are conducted for students for those who are interested in vocational education. Hence, no student is excluded from developing the skills they need to build a career of their choice. Students also get the chance to enjoy various sports like football, netball and athletics every year.